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                                                                                               Face-to-face therapy sessions are to commence from 2nd June 2020, whilst strictly

                                                    following the HSE health guidelines

                                           and the

                                                    ‘Return to Work Safely Protocol’ 

                                           for the

                                                    protection of clients and therapists.  


COVID-19 Return to Face-to-Face Sessions Operating Procedures


Pre-screening before Appointments


Entry/Exit into the Practice building

  • The practice is located within a business park, with the ability for you to park as                                                          close to the building door as possible, with minimal, if not zero contact with other                                                                       persons.

  • Please do not arrive early for appointments (there is no waiting room), please wait                                                                                    in your car if you arrive earlier for your appointment time.

  • Please ring the doorbell at your appointment time, and you will be buzzed into the building.

  • There is a small staircase to walk-up to gain entry to the practice office.  

  • Remain at the bottom of the stairs if someone is walking down the stairs (you will                                                                                see if the stairs are clear through the glass doors, before entering the building).

  • The office door will be open for you to walk straight in, and take a seat on the couch.

  • The therapist will close the door after you are seated, and maintain a minimum of                                                                                      2 meters distance from you at all times.

  • At the end of the session, the therapist will unlock and open the door for you, please                                                                          remain seated on the couch.

  • Please check that the stairs are clear before exiting the building, you may remain in                                                                              the office until it is clear to walk down the stairs.

The Session

Health, Hygiene and Sanitizing Protocol


Online therapy sessions for Vulnerable Clients/Clients who are unwell or self-isolating

Thank you for appreciating these guidelines, for yours and our safety.

Justine Wilson Psychotherapist Practice

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