COVID-19 Return to Face-to-Face Sessions Operating Procedures


Pre-screening before Appointments

Entry/Exit into the Practice building

The Session

  • As per the government guidelines, social distancing of a minimum of 2 meters will be maintained between the client and therapist at all times.

  • The distance between the therapist and client seated, is 3.4 meters. 

  • Water will not be offered to the client, please feel free to bring your own if you wish.

  • Tissues will not be provided, please bring your own tissues if you require, and dispose of them in the bin provided.

  • All consultation forms and therapy assessment forms will be completed electronically at the first session.

  • Any therapy worksheets for the client can be emailed or printed for the client - whichever the client prefers.

  • Payment of fee will be left on the coffee table in the tray provided.

  • Any change required, the therapist will leave this in the tray for you, please sanitize your hands afterwards.

  • If you prefer not to handle cash, you may pay for the session via bank transfer.

  • As per the HSE’s guidelines, hand-shaking before or after session will not be offered by the therapist.

Health, Hygiene and Sanitizing Protocol

Online therapy sessions for Vulnerable Clients/Clients who are unwell or self-isolating

Thank you for appreciating these guidelines, for yours and our safety.

Justine Wilson Psychotherapist Practice


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