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Counselling / Psychotherapy / Evidenced Based Talking Therapies / Psychological Therapies / Health, Mind, Body & Spirit​


Psychotherapy/Counselling conveys as a private and confidential conversation between the client(s) and the therapist, it provides the client with the space to reflect on and resolve their life issues with the therapist's co-operation, and professional skills in helping the process for the client, to build solutions, create ideas or air their concerns. Through this therapeutic process, the client gains awareness and is empowered to move towards acceptance of themselves or the situation, or to move towards change. The therapeutic process is formed through talking with an understanding listener about anything and everything from the past, present or future, in an honest, open and free manner. Being heard, being understood and not judged, being supported whilst you reflect and make choices around your concerns in life. For some, being listened to is precious enough to help them move in a positive direction, whilst others want constructive tools to help them tackle their day to day struggles. Be wary of those who promise to solve your problems for you, counselling and psychotherapy should not a place where you will be told what to do, this does not help and empower you to find your own set of tools, resources that are specific to helping you find your own solutions. Some therapists will use one model of psychotherapy psychology, while others will refer to various schools of psychological thought, based on theory, many on evidenced based research and practice. Psychotherapy uses either directive or non-directive approaches to provide a therapeutic relationship that flows at the client's individual pace. Depending what your needs are on the day in therapy, will determine what therapeutic approach


I will draw upon to suit your individual needs, most commonly it is a combination of various psychotherapy modalities, which usually incorporates a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) approach. I have training and experience in using the forms of therapy, detailed below.  Please click on the links below for more information on these psychotherapy psychological models.

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