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What is Counselling and Psychotherapy?

Counselling and Psychotherapy are psychological talking therapies to improve health, mind, body and spirit​ through a therapeutic process.  Enabling clients to reflect, explore, and create personal solutions to their life issues within a safe and non-judgemental environment.

How can Counselling and Psychotherapy help me?

Talking with a professional Counsellor or Psychotherapist in a non-judgemental, safe, confidential and private environment can help you explore your emotional distress, seek support, unblock your inner resolve and self-confidence to find solutions. Counselling and Psychotherapy offers hope through the chaos, and support from an uninvolved person.


People seek professional therapy for different reasons. Anyone from any walk of life, status, religion, at times can experience some form of psychological or emotional distress in their life, sometimes on an ongoing or intermittent basis, or taking us by surprise suddenly. Others can struggle with behavioural problems that they just cannot seem to overcome alone. For whatever reason you decide to come to therapy and your personal expectations, the experience will differ for everyone.

What issues can Counselling and Psychotherapy help with?

Counselling and Psychotherapy can help with many issues that someone may go through at some point in their life, some of which include:


- Addictions

- Anger Management

- Anxiety

- Bereavement, Grief and Loss

- Bullying and Harassment

- Childhood Issues, Abuse & Trauma

- Conflict Resolution

- Coping with Chronic Illness

- Depression

- Emotional Crisis

- Family Issues

- Low Self-Esteem

- Low Self-Confidence

- Marriage / Relationship issues

- Panic Attacks

- Personal Growth

- Psychological or Emotional Distress

- Post-natal Depression

- Separation / Divorce

- Self-harm

- Sexual issues

- Stress

- Suicide prevention

How can I book an appointment?

You can arrange an appointment by contacting me using any of the methods below:


  • Telephone/Text: 086 109 7247

  • Email:

  • Complete the contact form through this website

  • Book an appointment directly through the booking system on this website

What will happen at the first assessment consultation appointment?

Sometimes someone can be unsure if Counselling and Psychotherapy is right for them, or are unsure of the process of therapy sessions. The first meeting is an assessment consultation, where I will gather a detailed history of your levels of distress, factors impacting this distress, answer any questions you may have. We will discuss your therapy expectations, set goals, and form a treatment plan. The most suitable psychological therapeutic approach will be discussed with you at this meeting.

There are online therapy assessment forms which are psychological assessment scales to be completed prior to the assessment consultation. These forms give me an indication of where your levels of distress are, helping me to form the most appropriate treatment plan for your individual needs, and helpful to use throughout therapy, as an indication to therapy progress.


An online New Client Intake form is also required to be completed, seeking some personal information, such as date of birth, address, emergency contacts, psychological history, and house-keeping information. All information is secured in line with GDPR regulations. The form informs you why this information is collected.


You will be sent a link to the forms, please allow yourself about 20-30 minutes to complete and submit the forms before the session.

How long do sessions last?

All Counselling and Psychotherapy and CBT sessions last for one hour. There is an option to choose a 1 hour Assessment Consultation, or 30 minute brief Assessment Consultation session, whichever suits you best.


It is the client's responsibility to ensure that they arrive on time for all appointments, as time cannot be made up at the end of sessions. Please do not arrive early, as there is no waiting room available, and to ensure yours and other client’s confidentiality when arriving and leaving.

Do I need to bring anything?

Only yourself is necessary to bring to our sessions.


For CBT sessions, it will be helpful to bring a notebook and pen, as CBT does involve some tasks and challenges to do during sessions.  It can be helpful to write down the in-between sessions tasks to practice skills and your learning experience, to help you remember all that is discussed in sessions. Often worksheets to supplement the work are explored during CBT sessions, or for use between sessions. These will be texted or emailed to you.


The most important thing for you to bring, is anything that helps you to feel comfortable and to relax.

How many sessions do I need?

The Counselling and Psychotherapy profession recommend that a new client meet with a new Counsellor or Psychotherapist initially for 6 sessions. This is a recommendation (not obligatory), on the basis that it takes time for the therapeutic relationship to build. As a guide, you should feel some benefit from coming to our sessions within 6 sessions. Some clients feels the benefit in less than 6 sessions, it is a unique experience for everyone.  Counselling and Psychotherapy sessions last for as long as the client’s requires, you, as the client determine when you feel you are ready to finish therapy.


How often do I need to come to sessions?

You can choose the frequency of sessions, either weekly or every 2 weeks. Counselling and Psychotherapy sessions are most beneficial when attended on a weekly basis to maintain the therapeutic process, but can be attended every 2 weeks if it is more preferable for financial, or work/time commitment reasons.


Sessions can be pushed out to every second, third or fourth week if you have been in therapy for some time, and have nearly reached a desired point in your expectations and goals of therapy, but you still want to continue to maintain your expectations and goals. CBT offers booster sessions, as a follow-up process at one, three, six and twelve months after ending therapy as part of a maintenance and progress plan.


How much does Counselling and Psychotherapy or CBT sessions cost?

  • Assessment consultation is €65.00 (1 hour)

  • Assessment consultation is €40.00 (30 minutes)

  • Counselling, Psychotherapy and CBT is €70.00 (1 hour)

  • Group of 6 Counselling/Psychotherapy or CBT Sessions (discount):

This option is to pay for a group of 6 sessions in advance for €350.00

(6 sessions for the price of 5 sessions)


Fees are paid either in person by cash, Card, or Revolut.


Receipts can be provided at the end of therapy, with a full statement of account of all sessions attended and paid for, upon request for health insurance companies.

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