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This therapy focuses on setting a therapeutic environment through the way of being of the therapist, who is non-judgemental and displays empathy for their client. This therapy is a non-directive approach working at the client's pace, the client leading the therapeutic process through what they are willing to talk about. The therapist accepts and supports their client at wherever they are in their life, striving to walk in the client's shoes with them as they discuss their experiences, thoughts and feelings in the therapy room. Therapy is gentle and through the therapists professional skills, the client experiences feeling not judged, genuinely supported, unconditionally accepted and understood, helping them to trust in another human being at a level they have never experienced before.​ This therapy is not a goal orientated approach and is helpful for those who have experienced a trauma, is feeling emotionally traumatised, or is feeling unhappy or unsatisfied with their life, but unsure exactly what they want to achieve from therapy.

This therapeutic approach is usually incorporated by most therapists to help build the therapeutic relationship between client and therapist, the essential ingredients of this model of psychology is paramount in welcoming a client, helping the client feel safe, building a trusting bond demonstrating unconditional positive regard without judgment, disapproval or approval for their client.

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The therapist offers support, guidance, and structure so that the client can discover personalised solutions within themselves. This therapeutic approach focuses on human need to be heard, understood and not judged.

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