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REBT is a form of CBT psychotherapy that believes our cause of upsets in life is from our beliefs that we have acquired over the course of our life. Therapy focusses on our viewpoint rather than the event. Therapy looks at the beliefs that are blocking us from seeking our goal of happiness, summarising it into ABC, A - something happens, B - the client has a belief about what happened, and C - the client has an emotional reaction to the situation (A) based on their belief (B). The therapist works with the client in addressing their belief, this involves challenging the belief, maybe researching the belief, working together through exercises in the session, and homework for the client to take home with them, with the goal of changing the client's belief to one that no longer blocks them from seeking their goal. REBT is clinically and statistically proven to help with reducing emotional pain and many forms of excessive behavioural issues. I have found this approach particularly successful in dealing with anxiety and panic attacks.


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