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"I am now able to better cope with the anxiety and panic"

I was suffering from severe anxiety and panic that had come to a head in November. I had exhausted my mind and body and didn't know how to deal with the stress I was feeling. Since the first session Justine helped me to process what was happening in my head and the reasons I was feeling so panicked. It became very easy to talk to Justine about anything that caused me the slightest bit of worry. Even on weeks when I was particularly panicked she continuously provided the support, encouragement and most importantly the tools I needed to deal with my anxiety. I was with Justine for almost 5 months and I am now able to better cope with the anxiety and panic that my thoughts give me. Justine provided me with Techniques to manage my negative thinking patterns and practice of CBT. Justine showed me how to get out of my head and deal with my worries. I cannot thank her enough and I would, without a doubt, recommend her if you are suffering from anxiety and panic like I was.


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