It is almost one year since my last session with the therapist and I still feel the benefits

CBT - Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

I was suffering from anxiety and could not handle stress both at work or personal life. After going to the hospital a few times with chest pain and shortness of breath my GP recommended me to try CBT. I found Justine and after just a couple of sessions, I could feel such a difference. When I first entered her office I could barely breathe with all the weight I felt on my chest and shoulders and was constantly crying. She helped me understand what I was feeling that way and find tools to cope with issues and experiences. It is almost one year since my last session with Justine and I still feel the benefits. She made me so comfortable to open myself even with English being my second language.


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CONTACT: Justine Wilson Psychotherapist Counsellor CBT Therapist in Naas/Newbridge

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