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"It felt more like talking to a friend than a therapist" Feb 2017 REVIEW

"I visited Justine after Christmas to discuss some anxieties I was having in regards to my personal life, I felt I had reached a point where I could deal with it as much as I could by myself and would benefit from the kind listening ear of an impartial professional. This is one of the best experiences I have given myself, over the course of our sessions Justine helped me find tools to manage my worries and stresses in a productive and lasting way. I was anxious about going in the first place, but I could not have been put at more ease - Justine provides a a safe environment to open up about whatever is concerning you without feeling judged. At the end of our sessions it was clear to see the progress that had been made when we compared anxiety and well being checklists that had been carried out at the first session.

I can not recommend Justine enough, she was kind, supportive and while thoroughly professional throughout it felt more like talking to a friend than a therapist."


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